Dr. Ayman Al-Hawawsheh

Associate Professor, College of Law

Dr Ayman teaches courses in criminal law, adjudicatory criminal procedure, criminal litigation, white-collar criminal, investigations, and criminal justice policy, prosecutorial ethics, Money laundering, crimes involving checks, Bribery, Forgery .and teaches as Associate Professor in Criminal Law at northern border university – Higher Studies masters -

Before joining the Law School faculty, Ayman served as ahead of lawyers Affair/at Amman Court of Appeal, and Member in the Jordanian Lawyers Union and a legal Consultant for a number of public and private firms, Attorney at law and a representative before all Jordanian Courts (Civil & religious), especially criminal, custom, state security courts, along with a privately-owned Law Firm in Amman.

Dr. Ayman has 14 Researches which was publishing in several journals 2 Researches was publishing in (I.S.I) Journal and one book authored

Dr. Ayman was participate in many International conferences as a Chairman and member of discussion panels reviewing Judicial Research papers at USA "Washington Dc – Philadelphia", Spine , Egypt ,Morocco ,Algeria , Jordan .

(04) 449 9727

Block No.7, 3rd floor Office No, 120


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