Dr. Arafat Al Naim

Associate Professor, College of Design

Dr. Arafat Al-Naim is a graphic artist, designer, educator, and the moving spirit behind international art and design projects. He holds a BFA, MFA and P.h.D in Graphic Arts and MST in Art Teaching from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. He has lectured and has presented research papers at international conferences.
Dr. Al-Naim is a former Dean of Faculty of Arts & Design at ASU, Amman (Jordan), Head of Graphic Design Department at ASU and Zarqa University, Member of ICOGRADA (Education Network), Curator of the International SYMPOSIODESIGN - Amman and Editorial Board Member of the International Design Journal “Design Behaviors” and International Affairs Officer in Jordanian Plastic Artists Association, Member of International Lab of Semiotics and Visual Communication, Cyprus University of Technology, Member of Ranking and Promotion Committee of Specialists, Cyprus University of Technology and UNiC, Cyprus, Member of the Scientific Committee of the 1st International Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication (ICSVC), Limassol, Cyprus, and the 4th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication (ICTVC), Nicosia, Cyprus and co – director of the United Designs Biannual, international design exhibition since 2006.
Graphic works by Dr. Al-Naim can be found in Spencer Museum of Art, Kansas (USA), Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon (USA), Wrexham Yale Memorial Gallery, Wrexham (UK), National Gallery of Foreign Art, Sofia (Bulgaria), State Museum Gyõr (Hungary), University of Wales Collection, Aberystwyth (UK), Nord Art - Kunstwerk Carlshütte (Germany) and others. He has exhibited in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, North Ireland, FYROM, Germany, Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Cyprus, South Africa, Tunisia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Egypt, South Korea, Syria, Turkey, Jordan and elsewhere.

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