Dr. Akhmed Khamis

Associate Professor, College of Media and Mass Communication

Dr. Akhmed Khamis Kaleel is an Associate Professor at the College of Media and Mass Communication at the American University in the Emirates.

He earned M.A. in Philology (specialty Journalism) and Ph.D in Philology and Humanities (specialty Journalism) from Voronezh State University (Russia).

Dr. Akhmed Khamis Kaleel has published more than 30 scientific researches and a book in field of philology and journalism. Also he addressed with scientific reports in many International Scientific Conferences.

He has 10 years academic experience in teaching at Al Ghurair University, Synergy International University of Dubai (UAE) and also Voronezh State University (Russia).

Dr. Akhmed Khamis Kaleel has also an experience of TV work: as Editor-in-Chief at “Al Sharqiya TV” and “Al Ruwad TV Channel” (UAE) as well as a Broadcast Journalist at “Russia Today TV Channel” (Russia), where he also used as a Move Reporter of News, News Reporter (video wall), News presenter, Video News Editor, News Chief Editor, Editor of Written Text News, Commentator of News, Anchorman, Synchronous Interpreter from Russian to Arabic and vice versa.

Also he worked at “Al Ruwad for Training and Development Center” (UAE), as a journalist in “Almothaqaf Newspaper” (Australia) and as a translator at Notary office (Russia).

Dr. Akhmed Khamis Kaleel has got several awards.

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Block No. 6, 1st floor. Office No 11.


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