Welcome to the Department of Student Services!

The years you will spend at the American University in the Emirates will forever remain with you not only because of the memories you will create but because of the many ways you will grow and transform as an individual.

At AUE we believe that it is our central responsibility to enable you to pursue your intellectual, professional and personal growth so that you may graduate as well-rounded, responsible, world-citizens capable of becoming leaders in an increasingly complex world.

Each of the Offices under the Department of Student Services is designed to cater to your specific needs at critical times in your University career. Whether from your first days via the Office of Student Recruitment, to your engagement in in the variety of opportunities offered to you both inside and outside the classroom via the Office of Student Life, or your first steps into the professional world via the Office of Careers and Internship, or your graduation day via the Office of Alumni- we are all here to help you fulfill your highest potential.

With every step you take at AUE the Department of Student Services will be there to support you as you pursue “The Pathway to Success” where “Nothing is Impossible”.

Dr. Shireen N Chaya,
Director - Student Services
Email: [email protected] | Phone: 044499201

Office of Student Life and Community Engagement

The Office of Student Life and Community Engagement (OSL) located on the second floor of block 6 offers students the support they need both inside and outside the classroom via a variety of functions and services.

Awards and Recognition

AUE recognizes and celebrates student excellence, growth, and dedication both inside and outside the classroom via various awards granted bi-annually or annually. These are as follows:

Academic Excellence Awards

Academic Excellence Awards are granted bi-annually during the Honors Ceremony in which undergraduate student effort is recognized as per the below criteria:

  1. Have completed 15 credit hours excluding Pass/Fail, Exemptions, Transfers, Withdrawals, and Incomplete statuses.
  2. Have no record of disciplinary penalties for violations of any of the University Policies.
  3. Have achieved a Grade Point Average of 3.50-3.74 to be placed on the Dean’s List.
  4. Have achieved a Grade Point Average of 3.75- 4.00 to be placed on the President’s List.

Graduate students are recognized via the following awards:

1- The Academic Excellence Awards: awarded to graduate students who have completed 12 credit hours and have achieved a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 and above.

2- The Leadership Excellence Awards: awarded to one graduate student in each program/specialization who has completed 12 credit hours, achieved Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 and above and has demonstrated leadership qualities and/or made an impact at AUE or externally. The Office of Student Life asks College Deans to nominate eligible students for this award.

Eligible students are notified by the Office of Student Life and are invited to the Honors Ceremony held at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, where students are awarded certificates of appreciation and their names are published on the Student Bulletin Boards.

Undergraduate Honors Ceremony Dates

Fall Semester - October 8 & 9

Spring Semester – January 26 & 27

Graduate Honors Ceremony Dates

Fall Semester- October 12*

Spring Semester- February 1*

*Dates may vary each academic year as graduate ceremony is hosted on Saturday’s

Financial Support

The OSL oversees the allocation of financial support to students via scholarships, grants, and financial aid. For complete information on financial support offered at AUE please refer to the below links:

Financial Aid Application Information

AUE students who are experiencing extreme financial difficulty and meet the eligibility requirements may apply for financial aid. Financial aid will be granted based on availability, demonstrated financial need, academic performance, and contribution to the AUE community. All qualifying applicants will be considered equally regardless of race, nationality, gender, religion or disability. 

Financial Support Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility
    • Must be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program
    • New students must have a minimum high school average of 75%
    • Returning students must have a minimum 3.00 CGPA
  2. Preference will be given to returning students and according to completed number of credit hours and CGPA
  3. Past violations of the AUE Student Code of Conduct and Discipline may disqualify a student at the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee
  4. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted or reviewed
  5. Financial aid is not guaranteed and is determined at the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee
  6. Financial aid is not available during the Summer Semester
  7. Renewal
    • Financial aid granted in the Fall Semester will be automatically renewed in the Spring Semester of the same academic year, based on the following conditions:
      • The student maintains a minimum 3.0 CGPA
      • The student has not violated the AUE Student Code of Conduct
    • Financial aid granted in the Spring Semester is not automatically renewed
    • All recipients must reapply for financial aid each Fall semester

Important: Any communication regarding your application, including the final decision on your application, will be sent to the student’s AUE email address. Failure to respond to email communication can result in the automatic cancellation of your application.


Important Dates

  • Fall Deadline: September 1
  • Spring Deadline: January 5

Student Clubs, Societies and Activities

AUE is proud home to 22 student clubs each with dedicated leadership, activities and events throughout the year. The list of Student Clubs is as follows:

Club Name Faculty Advisor Email
1 AUE Acting and Performance Club Mrs. Razan Takash [email protected]
2 AUE Art & Design Club Mr. Daran Herbert and Ms. Heather Shipman [email protected] / [email protected]
3 AUE Film Club Ms. Deema [email protected]
4 AUE Marketing Club Dr. Asli Milla [email protected]
5 AUE Music Club Dr. Oshane Thorpe / Ms. Deema [email protected] / [email protected]
6 AUE Student Health Ambassadors Dr. Edyta Skibinska [email protected]
7 AUE Student Newspaper Ms. Hana Dawud [email protected]
8 AUE Young Innovators Club Mr. Matthew A. Gilbert [email protected]
9 Culture Clubs Ms. Hala Albukhari [email protected]
10 Debate Club Ms. Hala Albukhari & Dr. Kleanthis Kyriakidis [email protected]
Club Name Faculty Advisor Email
11 Happiness, Motivation & Wellness Club Dr. Jihene Mrabet [email protected]
12 International Majils of the Determined Vacant VACANT
13 International Majils of Women Qaedat Dr. Leslie Vandeputte [email protected]
14 Literary Creative Club Dr. Thaer Oudeh [email protected]
15 Model United Nations (MUN) Mrs. Evgenia Koikas [email protected]
16 Photography Club Dr. Leonardo Mataruna [email protected]
17 Research Club Dr. Nikolina Ljepava [email protected]
18 Yalla Finance Dr. Asma Salman [email protected]
19 Management Consulting Club Dr. Tarik [email protected]
20 Sustainability Club Dr. Nikolina Ljepava [email protected]
21 AUE Business Club Dr. Mohamed Shamout [email protected]
22 Hacking Club Dr. Talal Butt [email protected]

Students may propose and initiate a club at any time by filling out the Club Initiation Form Found Here. For more information on Student Clubs and Societies or to register your interest please email [email protected]

AUE Student Events

AUE student events become bigger and better with each passing year! From the first AUE Car Show  to the 10th AUE Global Day  students have enjoyed a variety of incredible events throughout the years.

During the Fall 2019 semester, the Office of Student Life hosted nearly 30 different student activities:

Saudi National Day

23 Sept, 2019

Freshman Fun Day

24 Sept, 2019

Club Fair

25 Sept, 2019

UAE Astronaut Launch - Live Stream

25 Sept, 2019

World Music Festival

2 Oct, 2019

Undergrad Honors Ceremony

8 Oct, 2019

Undergrad Honors Ceremony

9 Oct, 2019

Graduate Honors Ceremony

12 Oct, 2019

SIT Study Abroad Visit

14 Oct, 2019

Back to Campus with 978 Dance

21 Oct, 2019

United Nations Day

23 Oct, 2019

Ingenuity in Arabic - بالعربية نبدع

27 Oct, 2019

Expo 2020 Volunteer Recruitment

27 & 28 Oct, 2019

PINK Day: Because Your Life Matters, A Breast Cancer Awareness Event

29 Oct, 2019

Halloween Haunt

30 Oct, 2019

Dubai Police Academy Sports Day

31 Oct, 2019

Al Qudra Lake BBQ

2 Nov, 2019

Flag Day

3 Nov, 2019

Get Fit with Cosmo

3 Nov, 2019

Dubai 30-30 Challenge

5 Nov, 2019

Dubai Police Sport Day Event

6 Nov, 2019

Conquer Your Inner Procrastinator

13 Nov, 2019

AUE Fitness Challenge Event

14 Nov, 2019

International Day for Tolerance

17 Nov, 2019

Belarusian Consular Visit & Film Screening

18 Nov, 2019

9th AUE Car Show

19 & 20 Nov, 2019

UAE National Day Event

27 Nov, 2019

Events Coming to You this Spring 2020:

21 Jan

New Student Orientation (Mandatory for all Spring 2020 Freshmen)

29 Jan

Undergraduate Honors Awards Ceremony

1 Feb

Graduate Honors Awards Ceremony

5 Feb

Sports Innovation Day

11 Feb

Open Mic Day

8 March

International Women's Day

10 & 11 March

Global Day

18 March

International Day of Happiness

22 March

World Poetry Day

20 April

Student Awards Ceremony 2019 – 2020

22 April

Earth Day

30 May

AUE Commencement

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these events, visit OSL (Block 6, 2nd Floor) or send an email to [email protected].

Student Council

The AUE Student Council is the annually elected body of student representatives who are a core part of facilitating student participation in institutional decision-making as they from an important link between student voices and the University administration. The AUE Student Council is composed of 5 elected members and 10 appointed members. For a full list of members of the Student Council for the AY 19-20 please click below

The Student Council can be reached at [email protected].

For information on the nomination and election process please click here.

Important dates for nominations for AY 20-21 are as follows - TBD

Quotes from Current Student Council and Past President

  • Good deeds last forever, while positions in life do not
    President 2019 – 2020
  • Work.. Achieve & become the inspiration
    President 2018 – 2019
  • Never stop believing in yourself because you only fail if you quit
    Vice President 2019 – 2020
  • Tomorrow is looking great
    Secretary 2019 – 2020
  • Count on someone who can count
    Communication & Outreach 2018 – 2019
  • If you believe you will achieve
    Communication & Outreach 2019 – 2020

International Trips and Study Abroad

The OSL offers students a variety of educational and recreational trips in addition to study abroad opportunities. AUE students have traveled to Japan, Italy, Azerbaijan, the USA and many more. OSL announces these trips on the Student Portals and the University Social Media outlets. students who would like to propose and initiate trips or spend a semester abroad can do so by sending an email to [email protected].

Athletics Office

AUE strongly supports student athletics and is proudly home to the UAE Inter-University Football champions. The AUE Men’s Football Team has won 9 Dubai Football Championships, 3 UAE Football Championships (2014, 2017, and 2018), and ranked top 10 in the 2018 Asia Universities Olympics in China. The University also boasts of a swim team that has won that has won three UAE Championships in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Additionally, the University is proud of its Women’s Football Team that has won the Dubai Police Championship during the Fall 2019 semester.

Students interested in joining an existing team or proposing a new one can do so by sending an email to [email protected]


Student Grievances

A grievance is defined as any incident or situation in which an enrolled AUE student perceives that one of his/her rights have been violated as outlined in the Policy on Student Rights and Responsibilities found here. This includes informal complaints, formal grievances, and appeals regarding perceived inadequate teaching and learning, inappropriate classroom conduct, discrimination, harassment, bullying arising between the student and his/her peers, instructors, or staff members.

An informal complaint involves academic or non-academic issue between a student and a member of faculty, staff, or student(s) for which a student pursues informal mediation and resolution directly with the party concerned.

A non-academic grievance is defined as any situation in which the student perceives his/her rights have been violated and wishes to pursue formal action against another student, faculty or staff member outside the context of a course on matters unrelated to teaching or learning by filing a grievance on the Student Portal.

An academic grievance is defined as any situation in which the student the student perceives that his/her rights have been violated in the context of a course in matters related to teaching and learning and wishes to pursue formal action against a faculty member by filing a filing a grievance on the Student Portal.

Office of Careers and Internships

Gaining real-life, practical experience in your chosen field of study is a priority for AUE which prioritizes career preparedness and employment support via the Office of Careers and Internships (OCI) located on the second floor of block 6. The OCI offers the following services:

  • Career Counseling and Job Placement: the OCI offers students individualized career counseling as part of a career planning process in which students interests, specialization, and strengths are mapped with industry opportunities. The OCI works with the students to then secure adequate employment opportunities that are aligned with their field of study on an individual basis as well as via an annual Career Fair that brings potential employers from the public and private sectors.
  • Career Development and Job Preparedness: students are offered specialized workshops on CV writing, Interview Skills, Business Etiquette, Job Search Fundamentals as well as offering job psychometric tests. This is an addition to guest speakers and specialized workshops related to employment in specific fields as aligned with the University's offered specializations.
  • Internship Placement and Support: the OCI supports students in securing internship placements that are aligned with the student's interests and fields of study both on an individual basis and as part of the core Internship requirement in specific programs. In addition to internship placement the University offers ongoing counseling and job support throughout the internship including obtaining performance feedback from the internship supervisors.

To contact OCI please email [email protected]

Office of Alumni Affairs

The American University in the Emirates takes great pride in its alumni who have gone on to become leaders both within their professions and their diverse communities. The Office of Alumni Affairs aims to cultivate a life-long relationship with each member of the AUE Alumni community. The Office of Alumni Affairs supports students via a variety of functions and services.


Starting from their senior year the Office of Alumni Affairs supports students in their transition to graduates by playing an active role in the graduation process where students can receive complete information about Senior Photos, Gown and Invitation Collection, and Graduation Clearance from the Office located on the second floor in block 6.

Career Support

The Office of Alumni Affairs offers AUE alumni, in collaboration with the Office of Careers and Internship, various degrees of career support. Whether alumni are looking for specialized training (link to past training), career advice (link to useful material from OCI), employment opportunities (link to vacancies), or connection with AUE Alumni employers the Office of Alumni Affairs caters to all these and more. For further information on career support alumni can send an email to [email protected].

AUE Alumni Association

For AUE the alumni are core stakeholders in institutional decision-making. The AUE Alumni Association is the annually-elected alumni governing body that represents the link between the alumni community, AUE, and the wider community.

The current AUE Alumni Association is composed of the following members:

  • Xx (Picture, Graduation Year and Major, Current Position)
  • Xx

To reach out to the AUE Alumni Association please send an email to [email protected]

Alumni Awards and Recognition

The Office of Alumni Affairs seeks to recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of its trailblazing alumni. Alumni Achievement is recognized via the Alumni Wall of Fame in which alumni can nominate themselves or an alumnus/ae they know for recognition. The current members of the AUE Alumni Wall of Fame are as follows:

Pictures and testimonial- name, graduation year, and achievement

Additionally AUE Alumni are recognized periodically throughout the academic year during special events including the AUE Gala Dinner and AUE Senior Awards.

Alumni Social Activities and Events

Getting together with fellow alumni is an important part of the alumni experience. The AUE Alumni association under the umbrella of the Office of Alumni Affairs hosts the alumni in an annual gathering that provides an opportunity for networking, connecting with faculty and friends, and the wider community.

Office of Student Recruitment

The Office of Student Recruitment works to recruit the most talented, driven, and innovative students locally, regionally and internationally.

The Office of Student Recruitment works to build solid relationships with schools, companies, and public sector organizations to share the message of the commitment of the American University in the Emirates to contribute to the development of the UAE’s youth.

The Office of Student Recruitment also works closely with prospective students and their families to provide them with complete information as they make the fundamental decision to enter University and choose a specialization. The Office aims to ensure that every prospective student and his/her family enjoys a personalized positive experience in transitioning to University life.

For more information please send an email to [email protected]