Office of Careers and Internships

Gaining real-life, practical experience in your chosen field of study is a priority for AUE which prioritizes career preparedness and employment support via the Office of Careers and Internships (OCI) located on the second floor of block 6. The OCI offers the following services:

  • Career Counseling and Job Placement: the OCI offers students individualized career counseling as part of a career planning process in which students interests, specialization, and strengths are mapped with industry opportunities. The OCI works with the students to then secure adequate employment opportunities that are aligned with their field of study on an individual basis as well as via an annual Career Fair that brings potential employers from the public and private sectors.


  • Career Development and Job Preparedness: students are offered specialized workshops on CV writing, Interview Skills, Business Etiquette, Job Search Fundamentals as well as offering job psychometric tests. This is an addition to guest speakers and specialized workshops related to employment in specific fields as aligned with the University's offered specializations.


  • Internship Placement and Support: the OCI supports students in securing internship placements that are aligned with the student's interests and fields of study both on an individual basis and as part of the core Internship requirement in specific programs. In addition to internship placement the University offers ongoing counseling and job support throughout the internship including obtaining performance feedback from the internship supervisors.

To contact OCI:

Email – [email protected]
Office number and WhatsApp: +971 4 4499192