The  Counseling and Disability Office empowers students, faculty and staff to achieve their full potentials in order to be effective and efficient members of AUE and the society. Committed to the AUE’s Mission, Vision and Core values, the center provides comprehensive programs for the AUE family members to help develop their educational, vocational and psychological potentialities and thereby achieve self-actualization.

The center has committed psychologists, counselors and educators who have an extensive background on the complexity of human behavior and the different psychological approaches. This center ensures ethical application of the principles of psychology and counseling in all gamuts of services which guarantees confidentiality and sensitivity to the diverse needs of the multi-cultural environment.


To respond to the developmental and preventive needs of the students, faculty and staff through organized activities and services.

To provide resources to help students, faculty and staff evaluate and reflect upon their own interests and capabilities.

To empower the students, faculty and staff to maximize their full potentials.

To be the responsible center of promoting, acquiring and maintaining a mentally healthy and rejuvenated academic institution and community.

Our Services

The Guidance and Counseling Center believes that people are innately good and have the capacity to think and decide for themselves. Proper guidance provides individuals more opportunities to see the wider perspective of situations and arrive at sound decisions.


Counseling is at the heart of the Center. It aims to help the individuals become more objective and realistic as they seek better self-understanding, self- development and self-direction.

Counseling services are as follow:

  • Referred / Self- Referred Counseling
  • Individual / Group Counseling
  • Academic Counseling
  • Career Counseling

Career Guidance Program

The Career Guidance Program aims to assist the students, faculty and staff in exploring careers and the world of work through career placement tests and activities such as job fairs and workshops.

Mental Health Awareness Campaign

The Mental Health Awareness Campaign aims to promote and create a mentally healthy environment by conducting regular seminars and workshops.

Career Placement and Tracer Program

Career Placement and Tracer Program are parts of the Career Guidance Program that aim to assist students and graduates in exploring career opportunities for better employment.

Peer Counseling Group

The Peer Counseling Group aims to empower students by creating caring environments that enhance their skills of counseling, communication, leadership and interpersonal interaction. This group serves as the arm of the Center for the different activities and acts as a facilitator for study-buddy programs.