Assistant Professor - College of Law
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  • Dr. Zainab Dahham, Ph.D., Specialized in International Law and International Relationships, School of Law-University of Huddersfield -UK. Her research interest areas are international law, international humanitarian law, human rights, women's studies, gender, international relationships, diplomacy, political science, transitional justice, and education development.
  • Dr. Zainab Dahham is a pioneer in diplomatic work, peace, and assistance to refugees in the UK. She is a former counselor in one of the local provincial councils and a journalist. Dr. Zainab Dahham is a writer; her books have been printed and published by the Ministry of Culture and Youth in Iraq and Egypt. She suggested, organized, and was chairperson for many international conferences and symposiums in Iraq and the UK.
  • Dr. Zainab Dahham was awarded in many international forums and has won many awards as a representative of Iraq, She taught at different universities in Iraq and the UK and delivered several subjects e.g. international law, international trade law, Academic English, and General English for postgraduate and undergraduate, human rights, international humanitarian law, Labor law, History of law, criminal law, criminology, research methods, international relationships.
  • Recently, she was honored and received the Shield of Discrimination from the International Organization for Human Rights in the U.S./ 2023.
  • Also, in 2022 was awarded by His Excellency Iraqi Prime Minister for participating in an international conference on Literacy.


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