Dr. Tamara Mohammad

Assistant Professor – College of Business Administration

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  • Last Updated : May/20/2024 04:44:36

  • Dr. Tamara Mohammad is an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management at the American University in the Emirates. During her career, she has instructed and advised students in areas of HR Management, Business, Management and Organisational Behaviour at various academic institutions including Canada, Jordan, and the UK. Her research has appeared in top-tiered journals, including European Management Review (EMR).

    Dr. Tamara holds a PhD in Human Resource Management from the University of Gloucestershire in UK, and a dual master’s degree in Business Administration and International Business (Vancouver Island University and University of Hertfordshire). She has also a Bachelor degree in Healthcare Administration from Jordan University of Science and Technology in Jordan. Her pedagogical approach is focused on Student-Centered-Learning and Interactive Learning Approaches. She participated in developing and executing new programs at several institutions, and recently earned approvals for five new business-related specialization programs for Granville College (Canada) based on her designs.

    Dr. Tamara research interests sits at the intersection of HR Practices, diversity, social exchange, healthcare, institutional theory, and organizational performance. In addition to teaching, research, and providing industrial experiences, Dr. Tamara has been involved in various community outreach programmes including helping youth to improve their soft skills, increasing community awareness to key issues, volunteering at fundraising events, and delivering professional development programs for members of the university and wider community.



Cover Date Title Citations
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01/01/2024 Eco-innovation and customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry in Dubai: the role of green leadership 0
01/01/2023 Examining Toxic Leadership Nexus With Employee Cyberloafing Behavior via Mediating Role of Emotional Exhaustion 7
01/01/2024 HRM, institutional complementarities, and performance: The case of the healthcare sector in Jordan 0
03/01/2021 Human Resource Management and Organisational Performance: The Mediating Role of Social Exchange 29
03/01/2024 Knowledge-oriented leadership and project employee performance: the roles of organisational learning capabilities and absorptive capacity 2
03/01/2023 One pot sets another boiling: A case of social learning perspective about leader self-serving behaviour and followers self-serving counterproductive work behaviour 3
01/01/2023 Perceived Overqualification and Job Outcomes: The Moderating Role of Manager Envy 10
12/01/2022 The Impact of Leadership on Boosting Employee Creativity: The Role of Knowledge Sharing as a Mediator 23
12/01/2022 The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Educators’ Performance in Higher Education Sector 11
01/09/2023 The role of diverse leadership styles in teaching to sustain academic excellence at secondary level 7
01/01/2023 Towards Examining the Link Between Green HRM Practices and Employee Green in-Role Behavior: Spiritual Leadership as a Moderator 17
04/29/2024 When leadership goes awry: the nexus between tyrannical leadership and knowledge hiding 0


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