Associate Professor - College of Media and Mass Communication
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  • Dr. Sonja Brown is an Associate Professor of the College of Media and Mass Communication at American University in the Emirates. She is an experienced academic with more than twenty years of classroom teaching experience and over ten years of experience as an academic administrator in the United States.

    Dr. Sonja Brown holds a PhD in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Human Communication and Media Effects, and a Masters’ degree in Interpersonal Communication following an undergraduate degree in Speech Communication from Fresno State University in the US.

    Dr. Browns’ research interests include stereotype activation, transference & application, mediated text analysis & social perceptions of reality, and social media & Black womens’ politics of refusal. She has authored numerous books and research articles using qualitative and qualitative methodologies.

    Dr. Sonja Brown has taught a large variety of courses, including Mass Media & Society, Race, Gender & Media, Introduction to Mass Communication, Organizational Communication and Popular Mass Media.