Assistant Professor - College of Computer Information Technology
  • Publications : 28
  • Citations : 17
  • h-Index : 2
  • Last Updated : Dec/01/2023 02:29:32

  • Dr. Rasha Almajed is an Assistant Professor at the College of Computer Science and Information Technology. She holds her D.Sc. in Information Technology with a focus on Bare Machin Computing from Towson University (MD, USA). She obtained her M.Sc. in Information Technology from Hood College (MD, USA). She is a member of Phi Kappa Phi honor society since 2012. She worked as Adjunct Faculty in the School of Computer Science at Towson University from August 2015 until May 2019. She worked as Student Assistance at Hood College from Spring 2012 until Fall 2013.

    Her research was in “Application Transformation to work on BMC” which is based on a groundbreaking concept referred to as bare machine computing. It assumes no hard disk and operating system in the machine. Application programs run on a bare machine as self-controlled, self-managed and self-executed objects. Applications directly communicate with hardware. Her research is based on development of new applications to run on bare PC. The work lead into transforming existing applications that run on an OS based platform to run on a bare PC. Her research interests include Bare Machin Computing, IoT, Human Computer Interaction, and Machin learning.


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