Assistant Professor - College of Computer Information Technology
  • Publications : 24
  • Citations : 331
  • h-Index : 11
  • Last Updated : Dec/05/2023 04:28:29

  • Dr Rami Ahmed is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Networking, and Network Security at the American University in the Emirates (AUE). Dr Ahmed is an academic and researcher in the field of wireless networks and sensor networks—focusing primarily on management, security and lightweight security techniques, as well as network self-management and various applications of the network embedding system. Furthermore, he has experience in writing and evaluating applied research proposals in European funding organizations.

    Dr Ahmed obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the Networking and Security Lab of the National University of Malaysia. He also has a master’s degree in Computer Science in the field of Intelligent Systems from Utara Malaysia University.
    Prior to joining AUE, Dr Ahmed was working at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria, as a senior scientist in the Ubiquitous Sensor Systems Laboratory. Prior to that, he worked at Sebha University, Libya, as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Technology. He also worked as a research assistant at the German Jordanian University, Jordan, before which he was a lecturer at the Universities of Najran and Hail, Saudi Arabia.
    Dr. Ahmed’s current research interests include machine learning, computer and wireless networking, network security, lightweight security technologies, and network sensing. In addition to teaching and research, he has interests in evaluating and writing funded research projects.


Cover Date Title Citations
01/01/2016 A moving direction and historical information assisted fast handover in LTE-A 1
08/01/2023 A New SDN-Handover Framework for QoS in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks 1
01/01/2019 A Novel student clustering model for the learning simplification in educational Environments 0
12/01/2020 A survey on femtocell handover management in dense heterogeneous 5G networks 25
09/01/2022 Adaptive Trust-Based Framework for Securing and Reducing Cost in Low-Cost 6LoWPAN Wireless Sensor Networks 4
04/15/2021 An automated lightweight encryption scheme for secure and energy-efficient communication in wireless sensor networks 47
05/01/2018 An efficient handover decision in heterogeneous LTE-A networks under the assistance of users’ profile 13
04/01/2023 Digital-care in next generation networks: Requirements and future directions 1
06/01/2018 Efficient Handover in LTE-A by Using Mobility Pattern History and User Trajectory Prediction 22
07/02/2021 Feature-selection and mutual-clustering approaches to improve dos detection and maintain wsns’ lifetime 18
11/01/2017 Handover in LTE-advanced wireless networks: state of art and survey of decision algorithm 37
01/01/2022 Hybrid feature extractions and CNN for enhanced periocular identification during Covid-19 6
01/01/2022 Machine learning approaches to detect DoS and their effect on WSNs lifetime 17
07/01/2022 Machine Learning for Wireless Sensor Networks Security: An Overview of Challenges and Issues 43
11/01/2022 Productivity modelling of an inclined stepped solar still for seawater desalination using boosting algorithms based on experimental data 0
08/01/2021 Sdn-openflow topology discovery: An overview of performance issues 34
07/02/2021 Secure watermarking schemes and their approaches in the iot technology: An overview 22
12/01/2023 State-of-the-art review on energy and load forecasting in microgrids using artificial neural networks, machine learning, and deep learning techniques 1
01/01/2024 Survey on the authentication and key agreement of 6LoWPAN: Open issues and future direction 0
12/24/2021 Sustaining accurate detection of phishing URLs using SDN and feature selection approaches 15
10/15/2023 Two-Level Sensor Self-Calibration Based on Interpolation and Autoregression for Low-Cost Wireless Sensor Networks 0


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