Associate Professor - College of Law
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  • Dr.Qusay Salman AL falahi is an Associate Professor of Private Law at the American University in the Emirates , He received a Doctorate in The Philosophy of Private Law from Baghdad University in 2000 , Also he obtained certificates in Arbitration in Civil & Commercial disputes and Construction Investment Contracts ( FIDIC) in 2017 .

    Dr.Qusay has an academic experience started from 1998 till present and , From the beginnings of his academic path he held several Academic Positions in different universities , The latest position that he held in 2019 was A Dean of Faculty of Law & International Relations in AL-Kitab University, He taught different courses in fields of Civil and Commercial Law , He supervised PhD dissertations and participated in several discussing committees for MA & PhD dissertations in Private Law, He published couple of books in Real Rights and several researches within a field of civil law , He held a position of Legal Advisor in The Iraqi Council of Representatives and a group of private companies .

    His scientific activities extended to serve the community by different means such as establishing The Legal Clinic in Cihan University at 2012, And organizing several Training Courses – Workshops targeting the lawyers and legal researchers in the governmental institutions, As well he participated in drafting different laws in Iraq and Oman.


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