Assistant Professor - College of Security and Global Studies
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  • Dr. Mohamed Badine El Yattioui is an Assistant Professor of International Affairs and Strategy in the CSGS at the American University in the Emirates. He is a practice-oriented academic with extensive academic experience in areas of geopolitics, history of international relations, international negotiations, international political economy and international security. He taught in France, Mexico and Morocco.

    Dr. El Yattioui holds a PhD with specialization in Political Science from the University of Lyon, and a master's degree in International Relations following a degree in History from the same French university.

    Research interests of Dr. Mohamed Badine El Yattioui are related to geopolitics and international security. He is an author of numerous conference papers, articles and books. He has a number of successful media appearances (Morocco, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Turkey and Russia) on the above mentioned topics.