Dr. Amer Ibrahim

Assistant Professor - College of Computer Information Technology
  • Publications : 40
  • Citations : 151
  • h-Index : 7
  • Last Updated : May/20/2024 04:25:20

  • Dr. Amer Ibrahim is an Assistant Professor in College of Computer and Information Technology at the American University in The Emirates

    Dr. Amer Ibrahim earned his PHD of Computer Science degree from University of Granada in Spain entitled “Development Methodology of Educational Video Game Based on Player-Centred Design”, and a master's degrees in Software Development from University of Granada.

    Dr. Amer has an intensive teaching experience at undergraduate and graduate levels in areas of Computer Science and Information Technology. He has also an extensive industry experience in these areas, and he supervised several MSc and PhD thesis.

    Dr. Amer main area of research lies in Human Computer Interaction and User Interface Design, focusing on User Experience and Usability especially in Video Games. He has a computer science background, which he combines with his Playability and Player Experience research to investigate how Game-Based Learning can be enhanced by using Player-Centred Design Techniques.


Cover Date Title Citations
01/01/2013 A framework for providing optimal QoS routing information in vehicular ad hoc network 2
08/31/2020 A scatter search hybrid approach for team orienteering problem 0
01/01/2014 A TOTP-based enhanced route optimization procedure for mobile IPv6 to reduce handover delay and signalling overhead 5
01/01/2021 An Integrated Spherical Fuzzy Approach for Global Supplier Selection 0
01/01/2022 Detection of hand gestures with human computer recognition by using support vector machine 1
05/01/2020 Determinants of M-commerce adoption: An empirical study 5
02/01/2024 Evaluating the Impact of Emotions and Awareness on User Experience in Virtual Learning Environments for Sustainable Development Education 1
03/01/2023 Forecasting NFT Prices on Web3 Blockchain Using Machine Learning to Provide SAAS NFT Collectors 1
01/01/2022 Improving the Quality of Service of Fixed WiMAX Networks by Decreasing Application Response Time Using a Distributed Model 0
10/01/2020 Information security awareness behavior among higher education students: Case study 3
01/01/2024 Integrated Digital Signature Based Watermarking Technology for Securing Online Electronic Documents 0
10/01/2012 Playability guidelines for educational video games: A comprehensive and integrated literature review 8
01/01/2024 Security and Privacy Protection for Online Electronic Documents Based on Novel Encryption Techniques 0
11/20/2013 Simulation model to improve QoS performance over fixed WiMAX using OPNET 2
01/01/2021 Survey on encode biometric data for transmission in wireless communication networks 10
01/01/2023 The Impact of Virtual Reality Technology on Jordan's Learning Environment and Medical Informatics among Physicians 3
06/01/2022 Using machine learning algorithm for detection of cyber-attacks in cyber physical systems 7
12/15/2020 Using playability heuristics to evaluate player experience in educational video games 2


Conference Proceeding
Cover Date Title Citations
10/18/2016 A cluster-based stable routing algorithm for vehicular ad hoc network 1
08/25/2015 A new model of application response time for VoIP over WLAN and fixed WiMAX 13
01/01/2014 A new WDM Application Response Time in WLAN Network and Fixed WiMAX using Distributed 12
01/01/2013 A QoS approach for cluster-based routing in VANETS using TDMA scheme 14
01/01/2022 An Empirical Study Exploring the Factors of Stress Level among Doctors 0
12/01/2012 Educational playability analyzing player experiences in educational video games 14
12/01/2012 Educational video games evaluation: An approach based on the educational playability 0
01/01/2023 Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning 0
01/01/2022 Intelligent Hand Gesture Recognition System Empowered With CNN 2
01/01/2011 Playability design pattern in educational video game 3
01/01/2023 Playing the video games during COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on player's well-being 0
10/07/2020 QoS Analysis of the MANET routing protocols with Respect to Delay, Throughput, & Network load: Challenges and Open Issues 5
07/30/2014 Real-time massage differentiation with priority data service flows in VANET 5
10/07/2020 Reliable Priority Based QoS Real-Time Traffic Routing in VANET: Open Issues & Parameter 5
01/01/2023 Resource Provisioning in Cloud Computing using Fuzzy Logic Control System: An adaptive approach 1
01/01/2023 SBM: A Time and Resource Efficient Single Backward Match Exact String Searching Algorithm 0
07/30/2014 Throughput enhancement for fixed WiMAX network using distributed model 8
01/01/2022 Towards Privacy Provisioning for Internet of Things (IoT) 1
01/01/2023 Usability Evaluation of Kids' Learning Apps 0


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