Associate Professor - College of Business Administration
  • Publications : 11
  • Citations : 31
  • h-Index : 3
  • Last Updated : Dec/05/2023 04:29:29

  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Omush is an associate professor of accounting at the American University in the Emirates, College of Business Administration and joined the faculty in 2020. He received his Ph.D. in Accounting and finance from BBS University of the West of England / UK.
  • He has professional experience working as a financial manager, a head of loan investment and joint venture department / JPMC. Al-Omush has experience teaching graduate and undergraduate accounting courses, both in-class and online formats. His professional and academic experiences were in the UK, Jordan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Dr. Al-Omush’s research examines several areas such as Performance measures, Financial Accounting; International Finance Reporting; Earnings management. He has held several administrative positions as the Head of Accounting Department and Assistant Dean of Business School/ the Hashemite University. Furthermore, he is skilled in Lecturing, Management, Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis, and Strategic Planning. Dr. Al-Omush has published high peer papers with emerald, Inderscience, Springer and business prospectives publishers.


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