Associate Professor - College of Business Administration
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  • Dr. Abdulkarim Dahan is an Associate professor College of Business and Administration at the American University in the Emirates

    Dr Dahan is a professional economist with over 20 years of international experience in various countries including Yemen, USA and UAE. He worked for universities, government institutions, companies, and international organizations. Taught Economics and Quantitative Analysis for more than 15 years with substantial knowledge in statistics, econometrics, economic modeling and economic forecasting. Published in Scopus Indexed Journals and other peer-reviewed journals. Proven leadership skills, motivating others, problem solving, decision-making, and communication skills.

    Dr Dahan did his postgraduate at Colorado School of Mines and holds a PhD and a Master of Science with specialization in Mineral Economics from the University of Arizona, USA, Diploma in Economics and Management from the University of Colorado, USA, and hold a bachelor’s degree within economics with honor from the University of Sana’a, Yemen.

    Research interests of Dr. Abdulkarim are related to Energy Consumption, Natural Gas, Economic Development, Energy Economics, Economic modeling, Economic Analysis, and Forecasting. He is an author of numerous conference papers and articles published in international journals and local newspapers respectively.


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