In the year 2017, the American University in the Emirates (AUE) has taken yet again a milestone step to create the College of Security and Global Studies (CSGS).

The College and programs offered, are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in accordance to the US standards of education.

Current and emerging global challenges created options but also opportunities for the 21st century. At the level of academic specialization and education, there is a strong need and request for global educational knowledge offered in the vibrant city of Dubai. Where students are taught efficiency and capacity-building in security and global affairs, where faculty exchange and create innovative ideas to complemented the efforts of the international community while attributing towards the vision of security resilience in the UAE;

There is a need for constant growth of knowledge, creativity, innovation and analysis in security resilience but also global affairs;

Our students are acquainted well with the global environment. Through constant knowledge exchange, evaluation and establishment of critical thinking, our graduates, emerge as future leaders.

Our College and Programs are unique. They are a strategically oriented and positioned.  In line with the need for strong and resilient nation, we offer a vision of global education in the city of Dubai.

Students are educated to be leaders and as such take strategically oriented decisions. Understand the global environment and the importance of cultures and traditions, the importance of diplomacy but also strategic orientation.  Students explore, analyze, critically examine, raise awareness, assess and seek out constant processes for projecting sustainability growth and prosperity.

In line with the UAE vision of 2030, the College of Security and Global Studies offers unique education that is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, visionary and leadership-led. The Bachelor (BA) and Masters (MA) level programs offer quality education of global orientation and national understanding.

Our programs include research with which our young, current and mid-career professionals are equipped with the necessary tools to understand complexities and multi-dimensionalities in an inter-connected world.

Our faculty are globally established educators, researchers and leaders. Through their academic standing and research effectiveness, we increase the success of the College of Security and Global Studies.

The college has a well-established environment and state of the art premises, through our training room for analysis and our newly established think tank. In this multinational educational and academic environment, students are educated to be exemplary leaders.

In accordance with the vision of our University and Leadership, the College of Security and Global Studies leads the future of education through the UAE to the world, in globally-connected subjects of specialization and global importance.

Dr. Marios P. Efthymiopoulos
Dean, College of Security and Global Studies (CSGS)

For further information, enquiries, comments or suggestions or media requests, please contact :

+971 (04) 449 and the number of the dean

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Marios P. Efthymiopoulos