3rd AUE Student Research Competition

25th - 26th March, 2019

About Competition

The "3rd AUE Student Research Competition” which will take place on 25-26th of March 2019 is a new initiative that is being conducted for three consecutive years. The first two competitions were held on the AUE level. While this year it was decided to make it on the national level, where the floor is open to many universities from UAE to participate in the event. This contest is an excellent opportunity for students at both graduate and undergraduate studies to present and share their research outcomes with other students from many universities in UAE.

Up to two research teams in each of graduate and undergraduate categories from each university were invited to participate in the competition. The type of the research work can be: research paper, capstone project, master thesis, or any creative work.

Standing Committee

The 3rd AUE Student Research Competition is an initiative of OR. It was initiated, and it is being managed and organized by Mrs. (Hadeel Qasim -Research Assistant) under the supervision of the VPRA Prof. Miroslav Mateev and with the help of a Standing Committee whose names are listed below:

  • Asli Milla – COBA
  • Ghada Mohamad – CDES
  • Reem Al Atassi – CCIT
  • Salma Abbas – CLAW
  • Hebatalla Elbahwashy- CEDU

Competition Agenda

The competition agenda was composed of 8 parallel panels for oral presentations and 4 consecutive panels for poster presentations. Which all were conducted for two days. Two panels per day were allocated for poster presentations and the rest are for oral presentations. The sessions had been separated for both graduate and undergraduate categories.

All the sessions had been organized by the theme/ field of the presentations.


The competition was held under the patronage of Eng. Anwaar Al Shimmari, the Director of the Design Department and Chief Innovation officer at the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

Research Evaluation

The research works of the participating student teams had been evaluated by committees of faculty members from several universities based on specific criteria. The latest include many categories of (the quality of research, originality of research, quality of presentation, and technical presentation).  The criteria were shared with all the participating universities one week before the competition date.

The students had presented their work either as a poster (during the poster sessions) or as oral presentation for 10 minutes. The committees (working in parallel) had discussed and evaluated the presentation and the research work for additional 5 minutes.

Faculty members from many universities at UAE were invited through their Vice Presidents for Research/Deans to be part of the evaluation committees.

Submissions analysis

The table below shows a summary of the submissions that were received:

Table 2: 3rd AUE Student Research Competition Analytics

No. of Universities No. of Submissions Graduate Submissions Undergraduate Submissions Oral Presentations Poster Presentations
26 95 18 77 58 36

The table below shows the list of universities who participated in the competition:

Table 3: List of Participating Universities

No. University Name
2 Ajman University
3 Zayed University – Dubai
4 NYU Abu Dhabi
5 Emirates college of Technology
6 American University of Sharjah (AUS)
7 Zayed University- Abu Dhabi
8 Middlesex University
9 Gulf Medical University, Ajman
10 Skyline University
11 Abu Dhabi Polytechnic- Abu Dhabi Campus
12 Abu Dhabi Polytechnic - Alain Campus
13 American University of Ras Al Khaimah
14 Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences
15 Murdoch University
16 New York Institute of Technology
17 Mohamed V University Abu Dhabi
18 American University in Dubai
19 Emirates Institute for banking and financial studies
20 University of Dubai
21 Heriot Watt University
22 Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani Dubai Campus
23 SP Jain Dubai
24 Emirates Aviation University
25 University of Sharjah
26 American University in the Emirates

Winning Teams and Prizes

Graduate Students:

Field Topic University Team Prize amount
Law and Islamic Studies الإعلان القضائي وضماناتك في ضوء االتعديلات الحديثة لقانون الإجراءات المدنية الإماراتي University of Sharjah Athari Abdulla AlQaidi 7,000 AED
Natural and Health Sciences Reliability of three-dimensional imaging for assessment of airway in obstructive sleep apnoea patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis "Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) " Mai Mahmoud Abdelsalam 3,500 AED
Engineering FlowCon:  Frustum CAM-based Fluid Flow Control Mechanism Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (Bits Pilani) Dubai Campus Prem Dakshin 3,500 AED
Business Digital Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products in UAE AUE Sahar Shamout, Shaikha lHammadi,  Abeer Abu Ammouna 3,500 AED


Undergraduate Students:


Field Topic University Team Prize amount
Natural and Health Sciences Constellation studies in Medical education: Exploring student’s perspective on the involvement of Social Media application, Learning Approaches and Open Book Assessment in Under Graduate Medical Education Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) 1. Saad Syed
2. Mandana Gholami
3. Aya Akhras
6,500 AED
Engineering Automated Aquaponics Based Indoor Irrigation System Heriot Watt University 1. Bilal Ajadi
2. Mofaddal Moiz 3. Shashank Ashok
4. Orville Thomas"
3,000 AED
Natural and Health Sciences Adverse effect of consuming RO water   and its  laboratory solution  for household reverse osmosis system Ajman University 1. Badea Sultan |2. Mustafa Al-Fadhel
3. Fatima El Zehra El Maahdi
3,000 AED
Engineering Lower extremity Biomedical exoskeleton with Brain-Computer interface American University of Sharjah (AUS) Mohamed Omari 3,000 AED