Professor Golam Mostafa

Professor, College of Security and Global Studies

Professor Golam Mostafa earned his P.h.D (1993) in Political Science with Majors in International Relations and Comparative Politics from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He has Bachelor and Master degrees (with Distinction) in International Relations from Kiev State University, Ukraine, USSR (1980).

Professor Mostafa has teaching, research and academic administration and management experiences that span to 35 years in different countries, academic systems and environments. He developed and taught more than 30 courses for bachelor, graduate and post-graduate (P.h.D) students. Professor Mostafa has a passion for teaching and working with students, and as a testimony of that he got the ‘Best Teacher’ award twice by students. Professor Mostafa joined the AUE in Spring 2014 and has been teaching graduate courses in Diplomacy and Security Studies as well as several undergraduate courses. He was the Director of the SSS Program during the AY 2014-2015.

Professor Mostafa was actively involved in academic administration in his previous assignments, and held positions from Departmental Chair to Vice-President of Academic Affairs, and made remarkable contributions in strategic planning, developing and marketing new programs, student recruitment, standard and quality enhancement and maintenance, and getting national and international accreditation for the University.

Professor Mostafa is an active researcher, publishing a book, three monographs, more than 20 articles in national and international peer-reviewed journals and contributing chapters to several books. He participated and presented papers in more than 30 national and international conferences and seminars. His research interests include (but by no means limited to) global security, emerging powers, political economy, development studies and regional integration (Eurasia).

(04) 449 9563

Block No. 6 – 1st floor Office No . 03


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