Ms. Taj Kachaamy

Instructor, College of Design

Taj Kachaamy was born in Lebanon in 1974. She has a B.A. in Graphic Design from NDU (Notre Dame University), an MA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from the Lebanese University. She is in the final stage of completing her Doctorate in Philosophy of Art, her thesis entitled “Art Education affecting the performance of students in Learning and Cognition.” She was pursuing an MA in 3D Animation at USEK (Holy Spirit University), and she was accepted to pursue an MBA in Film Producing at the JPII (John Paul the Great University in California). Taj also has a diploma in youth Guidance from USJ (St Joseph University).

Ms. Kachaamy holds 16 years of experience in media production and 13 years of experience in education and training. For 6 years, she was the production manager at Spinneys head office, a well-established international retail business.

She taught in many universities (including LIU, AUL, MUBS, and LCU), training centers, and vocational institutes (including ALLC, CIT, Byblos, IPSM, Father Roberts Institute for the young deaf).

Moreover, she participated in different seminars and workshops, and was awarded many certificates in:

-        Relational needs (prepared by David Feurgenstan, PhD in Psychology from Texas states University),

-        Healing Wounds (Prepared by Jean Monbourkette, PhD in Psychology from Canada),

-        NLP (From the NLP Society USA)

-        Art therapy beginner and advanced levels (Prepared by Dalal Halabi, PhD in psychology and art therapist)

-        Interpersonal communication and Business Etiquette (From Lodestar Training Center)

-        Game design and Game Programming (Unity and C#) from LAU University Lebanon.

Ms. Kachaamy has research interests in Art education and its effects on the process of learning and cognition, and in the potential of art as an intervention in psychosomatic and psychological treatment

(04) 449 9775

Block 7, 2nd Floor,LAB 7208


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