Dr. Thaer Oudeh

Assistant Professor, College of Education

Dr. Thaer Oudeh has a Ph.D. in Arab Linguistics & Literary Criticism and a Master of Arts in Language Studies, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma from the Literary Department from the College of Arts, Damascus University. He has more than 20 years of experience in researching and teaching writing official correspondences in Arabic and Communication Skills in Arabic to Arab and foreign students in four well-known universities in the UAE, and has authored and co-authored a number of textbooks, preparations of teaching guides. His latest book is titled "Effective Communication Skills in Arabic".

In addition to publishing a number of scientific researches and articles, he participated in many scientific conferences, and in training courses and specialized workshops in the field of continuous assessment and active learning techniques. He also has extensive experience in many of the administrative and scientific committees, such as a coordinator of courses of the Arabic language and Islamic culture, chairmanship and member of several cultural committees, a member of the Society for the Protection of Arabic Language, the Club Story in Writers' Union of the UAE, as well as participating in a lecture within the activities accompanying the Sharjah Book Fair and preparations of a workshop for teaching the Arabic language at the Sharjah Educational Zone.

971 4 449 9329

Block 7, 2st Floor, 93


د. عماد شحروري

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د.ثائر يوسف عودة

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د. سابينا أختر

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د. نسرين شايع

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د. جيهان المرابط

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أ . هبة الله ابراهيم عطية البهواشي

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السيد. مايكل دويلي

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