Dr. Jihene Mrabet

Assistant Professor / Director of Counseling & Disability, College of Education

Assistant Professor at the College of Education at the American University in the Emirates. She earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Rouen Normandie in France. She got two master’s degree from the Faculty of Humanities at Tunis, Tunisia. The first one is a professional master’s in clinical psychology and psychopathology and the second one is a research master’s in clinical psychology.
She was a founding member of the Tunisian association for the development of psychoanalysis and she gave many public speeches and trainings for stress management, personal growth and team building. She has been practicing as a clinical psychologist since 2008 and she is responsible now of the counseling activity with Dr. Emad Shahrouri at the American University in the Emirates. Her recent research interests are adolescence, female psychology and health psychology.

(04) 449 9308

Block No.7, 2nd floor Office No .92


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