Dr. Fakhry Ahmed

Assistant Professor, College of Security and Global Studies

Dr. Ahmed obtained his PhD in International affairs from Georgetown University, and Master degree (LLM) in USLaw from Washington University in St. Louis, (USA) with a dissertation titled “Crisis Prevention; the Processes of Effective Crisis Detection”

Dr. Ahmed is a regular contributor to a number of American and Arab publications including; SMF, AMA, CMG & IRM.

Previously he was a active-member of Al-Ahram Foreign Policy Periodical covering the US strategy in the MENA region.

Dr. ahmed is the Academic Coordinator of Institute of African Research and Studies and while at the Arab Academy (AASTMT) designed and directed Diploma degree in Crisis Management with a focus in Crisis, Emergency, and Risk Management. Jointly administered by UN & AASTMT Institute for Crisis, Disaster

Dr. Ahmed is experienced in the analyses of the evolving multi-dimensional aspects of strategic and security issues, with over 17 years of expertise. He recently worked as Director of Strategic Planning at TRENDS Research & Advisory (Thinktank), His main areas of expertise are; Foreign Policy Analysis, National Security Approaches, and Crisis Management, and Geo-Strategic Studies with a focus on the MENA and Europe regions.

In addition to the a/m, currently, with school of Law Yale University, Dr Ahmed’ current research focuses on; the empire of pivotal cities and new world order.

(04) 449 9574

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