Dr. Eldar Šaljić

Associate Professor, College of Security and Global Studies

Dr. Eldar Šaljić is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Security. He graduated from the Faculty of Criminology, (BA) in Criminalistics and Security Studies, University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) with Cum Laude. He holds a Master's degree in Criminology, Policing and Security and a PhD in Terrorism from Department of Law of the University of Novi Pazar. Dr. Eldar has been working at the Department of Law of the University of Novi Pazar in Serbia. During the course of his work, he published three books in the field of terrorism and security, and one dealing with the issues of victimization. Has published over 60 scientific papers in the field of terrorism and security. He participated on over 60 scientific expert conferences. He was also the first administrator of the Legal Clinic at the University of Novi Pazar, which was engaged in providing free legal aid.

(04) 449 9573

Block 6 / First Floor


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