Dr. Aleksandar Vidojevic

Assistant Professor, College of Security and Global Studies

Dr. Aleksandar Vidojevic is a former career diplomat with 22 years of experience in foreign service, international organizations and academia.  He is specialized in foreign policy and national security issues. For 11 years he worked as senior career diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affair of the Republic of Serbia, on arms control, nuclear non-proliferation, peacekeeping operations, NATO Partnership for Peace Program (PfP) and other security related issues.

His main research interests are: diplomacy, international public law, international organizations, foreign affairs, international relations, conflict resolutions, negotiations, defense and security, peacekeeping operations and inter-ethnic relations.

In the period 2006-2007 he served as the expert advisor to the Government of the Republic of Serbia at the UN sponsored Kosovo Status Negotiations in Vienna, Austria.

Before joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar worked as the National Legal Advisor to the Democratization Department of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Mission in Serbia, where he provided legal advice to the Deputy Head of Mission and Head of the Democratization Department.

He was a Country Representative of the Project on Ethnic Relations (PER), Princeton University NJ. As a country representatives he was responsible for organizing inter-ethnic dialogue between various ethnic groups in the Western Balkans.

Dr. Vidojevic dedicated 12 years of his career to academic research and teaching.  For 9 years he worked as a research fellow at the Institute for Strategic Studies and Development, BK University. Last 3 years of his academic career he was Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Management (English Department) BK University, Belgrade. During that period he lectured two courses: introduction to international business law and business negotiations.

He holds doctoral degree from the Faculty of Law, University of Vienna, Master’s Degree from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and Bachelor of Arts from the Belgrade School of Law, University of Belgrade. He finished various specialized courses at the UN, OSCE, Harvard Kennedy School, George C. and Marshall Center for Security Studies.

Dr.Vidojevic he was awarded received James H. Laue Memorial Scholarship Award by the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR), George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A., 2000 for his contribution to the conflict resolution work in Kosovo.

Dr. Vidojevic published various articles on international relations, negotiations, defense and security and situation in the Western Balkans. Here is the list of some of his publications:

  • “What Could the EU Accomplish in Kosovo? Between the Hammer and the Anvil”, Advanced Research and Assessment Group (ARAG), Defense Academy of the United Kingdom, U.K., 2007;
  • “Is Serbia Getting Closer to NATO?” Yearbook of the Atlantic Council of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2006;
  • “Carrot Made of Air”, Daily newspapers “DANAS”, Belgrade, Serbia, 2005;
  • “Knot in the Empty Space”, Daily newspapers, “DANAS” Belgrade, Serbia, 2005;
  • “Šumadia on the Atlantic”, Daily newspapers “DANAS”, Belgrade, Serbia, August 2004;
  • “Is the Win-Win Approach an Illusion or a Real Possibility?” Business Monthly Magazine ProPro, No. 17, Zagreb, Croatia, 2004.


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