Admission and Registration Department

The Admission and Registration Department (ARD) is a core department in the DEMSS, headed by the University Registrar, who reports to the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Services.

The Department provides a wide range of services to students and faculty from the early stage of the admission application to graduation and beyond. ARD supports the University’s mission by implementing best practices regarding admission policies and procedures to ensure a fair and consistent selection process for all applicants regardless of age, gender, nationality, color, and religion. Additionally, the Department seeks to admit students who will add value to the student body and contribute and support the growth and development of their communities.

The Department facilitates student registration and supports students’ academic progress and achievements. ARD collaborates with various divisions to comply with university policies and procedures concerning the academic calendar, students’ academic standing, and student records. It also provides essential student-related information to facilitate the educational and learning processes.


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