Vice President of Enrollment Management

Welcome to the American University in the Emirates. It is such an exciting time to be part of AUE.

Ms. Nisreen Rannak

Interim Vice President of Enrollment Management.

The school year 2016/17 is our 10th anniversary, making us one of the oldest universities in the country. However, we are not resting on that. We are poised for many great things.

This year we will finalize several new academic programs and will roll out new services.   We will seek to raise our enrollment to new heights and for the first time ever we are expanding the boundaries of the University to recruit not only regionally but worldwide.

I often get asked what makes AUE different from other institutions of higher education, especially in the UAE.  First and foremost, it is our unique programs.  We have many programs that are not available anywhere in the region and even some that are hard to find in the world.  Second, it is the fact that we are a liberal arts institution who seeks to not only educate our students but to give birth leaders, both regionally and in the world.  Last, but certainly not least, students are more than just numbers to us.  Student success is one of our key motivating factors.  We don't just want you to come to AUE but we want you to succeed in your academic goals, to graduate, and to succeed in life.

I always tell students, however, that your success is in your hands.  One sometimes ignored factor is engagement.   Engagement with the University is the single common denominator that will determine your success.  It is not high school grades.  It is not where you come from.  It is not test scores.  These, although, are important but the tie that binds everything is how well you are engaged while you are at the University.  Get to know your advisor on day one.  Visit your faculty in their offices.  Join or even start a club.  Attend both social and academic programs.  You should make your student experience meta-curricular and meld both the in and out of the class experience.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you this year.  My door is open to you.

Best Regards,

Ms. Nisreen Rannak
Interim Vice President of Enrollment Management.