Division of Student Affairs

The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) believes that that the University is a significant embodiment of its students. All members of DSA support this idea and constantly strive to identify the most innovative ideas and activities to make student life the most fulfilling and enjoyable learning experience for all the American University in the Emirates students.

New and existing students of the University are always welcome to the Department to receive assistance, share their concerns, vent about difficulties, or discuss anything. We love having students agree that we are their backbone and that it is why our doors are always open.

Ms. Lina Ben Amor
DSA Manager

For further information, enquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact the DSA staff on:
Tel Nos.: +971 (0)4 449-9191, Email :  dsa@aue.ae


The Student Affairs Department has multi-faceted role, which is established from the moment a student is in enrolled, through to their graduation, and then carries on for a lifetime, as students become an alumni. The Department works closely with the rest of the University towards a goal to produce high quality, co-curricular programs and services in a learning environment that supports student growth and the achievement of essential life skills. In turn, students actualize their full potential to be responsible, engaged and successful leaders in a global environment.


The Student Affairs Department’s vision is to build a unique learning community that enables a diverse student body to become problem solvers and future leaders through a challenging learning environment that encourages students to become unique in their lives.


The Student Affairs Department’s mission is as follows:

  • To move the frontiers of human knowledge forward by enriching and elevating students mindsets to be open minded to seek innovation.
  • The dynamic academic and life goals of the students should be facilitated by a combination of excellent education intertwined with non-academic activities.
  • To seek to foster quality, innovation, inspiration and sustained aspiration among students, staff and partner organizations.
  • Augment the multiculturalism at the University and encourage everyone to perceive this as a core institutional strength.
  • Strengthen and expand internal and external collaborations and partnerships, to leverage and grow resources and provide meaningful, integrated programs and services.