Protocol Office

The Protocol Office provides a range of services to maintain a memorable and comfortable experience with the American University in the Emirates.

The role of the Protocol Office is to provide management and protocol expertise to all visitors of the University, including senior government officials and other well-known figures, both national and international. In addition, the Protocol Office is heavily involved in approving all outgoing and incoming media related content on all platforms to preserve the good name of the University and its popular stance for creating positively memorable experiences in every form. The Department is also in charge of the logistics of AUE events, helping create successful outcomes that foster trust and reliability.

The Protocol Office provides the following services:

  • Communicate with the internal and external community in order to achieve the aims and missions of the University.
  • Inform, update and apply the government laws and regulations among the University community.
  • Arrange and provide protocol services to the guests of the University, including logistics requirements.
  • Introduce the University to the general public with its distinction and identity.
  • Planning, arrangement, coordination and follow-up of all corporate meetings with the Board of Trustees.
  • Approve on media content for all platforms.
  • Arrange logistics services for all organized events of the University.

Mr. Sobhi Khalid

For further information, enquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact the Protocol staff on: Tel Nos.: +971 (0) 449-9080, Email :