Prof. Miroslav Mateev

Professor / Vice President for Research and Advancement, College of Business Administration

Dr. Miroslav Mateev is a full time Professor at the College of Business Administration at the American University in the Emirates.  Dr Mateev holds two doctoral degrees – PhD in Industrial Management and Doctor of Economic Sciences in Finance, from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia. Professor Mateev's interest in teaching was conceived 20 years ago during his MSc. degree study in International Finance at London Business School in the UK. He also specialized at Harvard Business School, where he focused on case writing and case teaching as part of his teaching methodology.

He has published four textbooks and a number of papers in the areas of corporate finance and risk management, international financial management, M&A markets and foreign direct investment.

Prior to working at AUE, Professor Mateev taught at the American University in Bulgaria and the University of Maine, Business School.

+971 444 99611

Block 6, 2nd Floor, 4


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