Prof. Hikmat Al Rawi

Professor / College of Business Administration

Prof.. Hikmat earned his Bachelor of Accounting and Business Administration degree from Al Mustansriyah University, Iraq; an MBA in Accounting from Armstrong College, Berkley, California, an M.Phil in Accounting, and a PhD in Accounting from Hull University, UK. He was the chief organizer of the MBA and PhD Accounting programs at Al Mustansriyah University as well. He taught undergraduate, post-graduate, MBA, and PhD students in Iraq, Jordan, and the UAE. Dr. Hikmat has published several books and conducted extensive research in Iraq, Jordan, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, the UK, and Malaysia in the field of accounting and has supervised both MBA and accounting students.

He was the Deputy Dean of Business, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, Chair of the Accounting Department, chair and member of various academic, investigation, undergraduate admission, internship, student affairs, textbook, AACSB accreditation, and financial planning committees. His is an approved lecturer for the UAE Ministry of Interior and writes articles in the local UAE newspapers about accounting. He served as the Department Chair for Finance and Accounting at the City University College of Ajman. Designing and Defending the MBA, BBA programs and Training center in the City University. He served as Prof. Dr. in University of Modern Sciences, Teaching MBA students, Dubai, UAE. Besides, he is a member of accountants and auditors association in UAE.

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Block No.7, 2nd floor Office 72


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