Prof. Assem Tharwat

Professor / Director of Promotion

Area of Research Interest

  • Operation Management,
  • Data Envelop Analysis
  • Multi-objective Programming
  • Stability of Mathematical Programming
  • Decision Support Analysis
  • Archology Optimization Problems
  • Artificial Intelligent Optimization Techniques
  • Optimization Applications and Mathematical modeling
  • Economical Applications
  • Cooperative Games

Conference Proceedings

1. Tharwat A.A., Mazen S. A., Sharawy M. N., Aamer S.T. (2015). “Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Illiteracy Problem” The International Conference of Technology and Business Management, ICTBM, American University in the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 23-25 2015.

2. D. W. Nada, and. Tharwat, A.A (2015). “Analyzing the Banks’ Efficiency in Dubai Using the DEA Approach” The 2nd International conference on Science, Technology and Management 2015, June 3-4, Dubai, Arab United Emirates.

3. Ezzat B.H., El Khodary I.A., Tharwat A.A., and Shaban, I.R. (2016). “Performance Assessment of European Football Teams Using Input Oriented Stochastic Data Envelopment Analysis Model”, The 5th International Conference in Mathematical Sciences (ICM2016), March 21-24, 2016, Faculty of Science, University of the United Arab Emirates, Al Ain, UAE.

4. Nofal, B., Al-Aguizy, O., Tharwat, A.A, and El-Khodary, I. (2016). “Numerical explanation for Petrie Mathematical Model for Finding the Seriation of Discovered Tombs”, The 4th Symposium "Pottery and Ceramics through ages" May 10th 2016, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, EGYPT.

5. Tharwat A.A., Sabry M.M., and Elkhodary I.A (2016). “Optimized Formula for Distributing Coalition Worth in n-Person Fuzzy Cooperative Games”, The 35th International Business Research Conference, 30 – 31 May 2016, American University in the Emirates, Dubai, UAE.


1. Razan A. Jamous, Essam El.Seidy, Tharwat, A.A., and Bayoumi I. Bayoumi (2015). “Modifications of Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques and its application on Stock Market”, The International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp 99 – 108, March 2015.

2. Razan A. Jamous, Essam El.Seidy, Tharwat, A.A, and Bayoumi I. Bayoumi (2015). “A new Particle Swarm with Center of Mass Optimization”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, Vol. 4, No. 5, pp 312 – 317, May 2015

3. D. W. Nada, and Tharwat, A.A. (2015). “Investigating Growth Indicators for Insurance Companies in UAE before recession (Comparative Study)”, International Journal of Business Administration and Management Research, Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp 7-14, Jun 2015.

4.D. W. Nada, and Tharwat, A.A. (2016). “Correlation between GDP and Unemployment Rate: Case Study USA” The Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research, Vol. 6, Issue 2, pp 58-69, ISSN: 2454-2504, International Knowledge Press,

5. Ezzat B.H., El Khodary I.A., and Tharwat A.A. (2016). “A Stochastic Data Envelopment Analysis Model Considering Variation in Input and Output Variables”, The International Journal of Data Envelopment analysis and Operation Research, Vol. 2, Issue 1, pp 1-6, DOI: 10.12691/ijdeaor-2-1-1

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