Prof. Ali Hussein Al Amaireh

Professor / Program Coordinator - BSc in Design - Interior Design

Prof. Ali holds a Ph.D. in Architecture Engineering /Interior Design from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK, M.Sc. in Interior Design and B.Sc. in Interior Design and Furniture from Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.

Since 1988, Prof. Al Amaireh has occupied numerous academic and administrative positions in several universities in the MENA region, including Head of Interior Design department, Chair of the Promotion committee, Chair of Accreditation committee and Design Consultant.

Prof. Al Amaireh is an active member of local, regional and international professional associations including the Jordanian Engineers’ Association, Member of the Designers’ Association in Egypt and the Interior Design Group in USA. His research has been presented in International conferences, published and included in proceedings and peer reviewed journals.

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Prof. Ali Hussein Al Amaireh

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