Ms. Rania Traboulsi

Instructor, College of Business Administration

Rania TraboulsiMs. Rania Traboulsi earned her masters degree from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut. Currently, she is in the final stage of completing her Doctorate of Business Administration at Nottingham Trent University, UK, where she is defending the thesis entitled “Lebanese economy and banks amid turmoil: mitigating the risks of the financial crisis through the prudential banking regulations – insights for best practices".

Ms. Traboulsi holds 9 years of experience in Business and Finance. During the first 8 years, she was acting as a Head of the Correspondent Banking Department at the Financial Institution in the Lebanese banking sector (BBAC SAL and LGB SAL) and 1 year as the Finance Manager of FIG Retail Trading Company in Dubai, UAE.

Moreover, she participated in different seminars and workshops, covering the financial business aspects, such as Risk Management, Basel III, Trade Finance Business and Treasury Services. During the time she was working in the banking sector, delivering intensive workshops on Banking Operations, Treasury, Capital Market, Risk Management, Trade Finance, Financial Institutions, Corporate Banking, Payments, Reconciliations and Compliance Administration to colleagues at newly founded Banks in Iraq. She organized and delivered a brief tour and introduction on the Banking and Financial Systems for the new business graduate students from different Lebanese Universities.

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