Ms. Lindsey Griffith

Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration

Lindsey-Griffith-235x300Ms. Lindsey Griffith is a native English-speaking CELTA and TESOL-certified teacher with a Juris Doctorate (Law) and a B.S. (Geology), both from the University of Dayton, in Dayton, Ohio, U.S.  As a lawyer, Ms. Griffith has 7 years of professional experience pursuing clients’ interests through effective, persuasive, written and verbal communication in English.  She has also worked in a multinational corporation and coordinated international teams in addressing the corporation’s regulatory matters within Switzerland and the European Union.  Ms. Griffith’s teaching methods are student-centered, stressing collaborative learning and problem-centered instruction.  She is currently a visiting Professor teaching Business Law and Healthcare Law at the College of Business Administration at American University in the Emirates.  In the past, she has taught Insurance Law, in addition to English as a second language courses.

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