Ms. Jazla Fadda

Instructor, Coordinator Hospital & Healthcare Management, Insurance & Risk Management Specializations. College of Business Administration

jazlay_7061a3065188a53c3ce38b7fe753ecf8Ms. Jazla Fadda is an instructor and Coordinator of Hospital & Healthcare Management and Insurance & Risk Management Specializations at the College of Business Administration at the American University in the Emirates. Ms. Fadda is a prominent public health specialist with many credentials at national, regional and international levels. In addition to her education in Dentistry, she got her masters in Public Health, MPH, from University of Liverpool, UK. She has vast experience working with the Ministry of Health in various key national positions. In addition, she was engaged as a national coordinator and researcher of various public health issues such as Burden of Disease and Cost Effectiveness Analysis, addressed by WHO and Harvard School of Public Health. Ms. Jazla has also wide previous experience in teaching as a faculty member for graduate students in Public Health, Health System Management, Hospital Management and Health Economics at the Center for Strategic Health Studies affiliated with UK Liverpool School of Tropical Medicines.

Ms. Fadda has worked as an international consultant with WHO for developing a ‘Global Program for Urban Health Equity’. She also worked with the Global Health Workforce Alliance for mapping 57 priority countries facing critical shortages of human resources for health. Having an innovative approach, along with presenting and communication skills, Ms. Fadda is proactively engaged in media presenting a variety of healthcare topics on different TV channels, like MBC, Sky News Arabia, Dubai TV and Sharjah TV, having a passion of deploying health messages to the public, helping them choose the best healthy life style choices.

Ms. Fadda contributed in one of WHO’ book, published by WHO, Kobe Center for Health Development- Japan.  WHO, UN- HABETAT. Hidden Cities: Unmasking and Overcoming Health Inequities in Urban Settings. WHO Centre for Health Development Publications, 2010, WHO/NMH/WKC/10.1


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