Ms. Esther Geertje Marlienke Schoorel

Instructor, College of Education


Ms. Esther holds an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Lund University, Sweden, during her time at Lund University she worked as a research assistant on a project about the “Civic Engagement of Egyptian women in Post-Revolutionary Egypt”. For her thesis, she came to Dubai to conduct fieldwork on European Muslim converts in Dubai, doing participant observation and in-depth interviews. Before pursuing her Master’s degree, Ms. Esther got her BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ms. Esther worked in the Center for Arab West Understanding as a research assistant. After that she moved to Alexandria where she worked as a teacher.

Her main areas of expertise within the field are the Middle East, migration and women’s empowerment. She believes that it is moreover important to integrate the research done within the academic community with the efforts of people working in NGO’s and philanthropic organizations. She would like for her research in this way to contribute to the improvement of the world around us and to create a better understanding of it.

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