Mrs. Shireen Chaya

Instructor / Director of International Office, College of Business Administration

Shireen-Nawal-Chaya-235x300Mrs. Shireen Chaya is an Instructor of Management at the College of Business Administration at the American University in the Emirates. As a PhD Candidate, Mrs. Chaya's dissertation focuses on the experiences of Arab women as they navigate their careers in management across the Arab world. She has extensively researched gender, leadership, diversity, strategic management and project management in a multitude of settings. Prior to joining AUE, Mrs. Chaya had an enriching experience in both the public and private sectors as a researcher, consultant and project manager.

Ms. Chaya holds an MSc in Project Management from the British University in Dubai where she is also a PhD Candidate at the College of Business & Law, and a B.A. in Economics (Hons.) from the American University in Sharjah.

Ms. Chaya currently teaches a wide range of courses including strategic management, organizational behavior, project management, and organization theory & design. Her teaching philosophy is centered on the firm belief that an educator's role is to enable each student to reach his or her full potential by igniting both their curiosity and passion.

Ms. Chaya's diverse experience as an Arab-American living across five countries, and her focus on the development of women in the Arab world, has enabled her to share her expertise in numerous workshops, public speaking engagements, and non-profit initiativesa. She is currently working to develop a network for women in academia in the Arab world and beyond.

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Mrs. Shireen Chaya

Instructor / Director of International Office

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