Mrs. Jessica Davis

Instructor, College of Education

mrs_jessica_lauren_davis_cedu_a890b20bf3d1a227c202d541d54d206dMrs. Jessica Davis holds a Master of Arts and is an Instructor at the College of Education at the American University teaching Philosophy and Sociology and is also an Assistant to the Dean. Before AUE, she taught at the University of Toulon in Southern France, where she is currently enrolled in a P.h.D in Sociology and Demography.

A passionate admirer of culture, foreign language and the arts, she seeks to make meaningful connections in the classroom that celebrate diversity and the free exchange of ideas.

Drawing upon multidisciplinary frameworks within humanities and social sciences, her research interests intersect philosophy, sociology, and political science. Dedicated to advancing the status of women in society, her research initiatives center on developing awareness of women’s causes and building coalitions of support that recognize the importance of differences. Balancing theory with praxis, she hopes to join forces with local women’s organizations and initiatives to achieve greater solidarity outside the classroom.

Mrs. Davis holds an MA in Contemporary and Comparative Cultural Studies from the University of Toulon and a BA in Modern Literature from the University of Montpellier, III in France. As an educator, she appeals to her charisma, imaginative storytelling, and enthusiasm for laughter to establish meaningful connections with her students. Appreciative of the diversity of learner types, she enjoys using a variety of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic teaching methods to enhance course material.

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