Mr. Mohamed Serour

Instructor, College of Media and Mass Communication

Mr. Mohamed Serour holds a Masters of Arts with Merits in Political Communication and the Ethical Media representation of Diverse societal groups from the University of Westminster, London, UK. During his studies, he had a lot of articles and debates in the UK about Islamophobia and the Western media representation of Muslims in the modern era.

Mr. Serour pursued his Academic career ever since 2011 to work with many Universities and academies as well as a trainer in major companies and governmental institutes in Egypt. In addition, he worked as a communication and advocacy consultant in many international organizations as Johns Hopkins University Communication Centre, USAID, Ford Foundation, UNFPA, UNICEF and others.

Mr. Serour worked as a business development consultant in many companies and governmental bodies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Recently, Mr. Serour was selected by the Egyptian presidential team to be an Academic Consultant to evaluate candidates enrolled in the Presidential Leadership Program in Egypt.

(04) 449 9569

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