Mr. Asad Ullah Khalid

Instructor, College of Media and Mass Communication

asad-ullah-khalid_e252c63aed5cebe82ad3a540396a8714Mr. Asad holds the Masters Degree majoring advertising and sales from Institution of Business Administration (IBA Karachi-Pakistan). He has attended and organized numerous media workshops in his career. He started his career in media with the top notch Pakistani TV channel when private media was popping up in Pakistan. In his media career he gained hands on experience in diversified areas starting from field reporting to production of news and programs. He has hosted/produced more than 1500 episodes of economic shows in Pakistan’s media from more than 7 years with two leading channels of the region i.e. GEO TV and ARYNEWS. He has contributed with his analysis on political economy and media dynamics to different sources.

He has joined American University in the Emirates in 2011.

(04) 449 9561

Block No. 6, 1st floor Office No 2


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Mr. Asad Khalid