International Office

With the quote of Helen Keller in mind, “Alone we can do little, together we can do much”, the International Office seeks actively for collaborations with universities and companies locally, regionally and internationally to achieve the American University in the Emirates’ (AUE) vision to be one of the leading liberal higher educational institutions. The International Office initiates potential collaborations and supports the different colleges at AUE with their partnership needs. It reviews, assists and evaluates the status of existing and proposed contracts, agreements and MoU’s.

The International Office’s main priority is the satisfaction of each college’s needs. The better we do, the happier our colleges are, in result, the better opportunities we give to our students at AUE.

We work hard to bring some of the world’s biggest names, in specific fields, to visit our campus and have a one-to-one connection with our staff and students. While the faculty teaches the theoretical part the programs and studies offered, the International Office aims to give its students the opportunities to implement their theoretical education in practice.


Mrs. Shireen Nawal Chaya

IO Director

For further inquiries please contact the International Office on 044499562 or email