Dr. Wasim Ahmad

P.O. Box: 503000, Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 4 XXXXXX
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Area of Research Interest

  • Islam and Muslims
  • Leaders and Managers
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • World Peace
  • Tolerance




Peer-Reviewed Journals

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  10. Ahmad, W. (1999). Intellectual Sclerosis, Nation & the World, New Delhi.
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Books/Book Chapters

  1. Ahmad, W. (2016). The ‘HOW’ of a Peaceful and Tolerant World, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.
  2. Ahmad, W. (2016). Islam and Muslims: Perspective, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany (PhD Thesis).
  3. Ahmad, W. (Co-author) (2005). Ghîbah: The Root Cause of All Evil, Goodword Books, New Delhi.
  4. Ahmad, W. (2002). (Contributed an article). Teacher Education in Turmoil, Sterling Publishers, New Delhi.

Conference Preceedings

  1. Sharjah Colloquium 2015: ‘Questions for Teachers’ in a round table open forum on 30 May 2015. Invited for the Best Teaching Practice Panel on the occasion of Skyline University College celebrating its 25th Anniversary in the last week of October 2015.

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