Dr. Walid Elchoucairi

Assistant Professor, College of Media and Mass Communication

Dr. Alchoucairi, holder of P.H.D in Political Science from london, Master degree in International Relations from malta, with an experience of over 15 years in education and media in Europe, the Middle East, and the UAE.

Elchoucairi has a social and political culture that helps him build up a multi-cultural identity and later lecture courses related to diplomacy, etiquette, and protocol,

El choucairi’s fond of traveling made of a him a multilingual  and cosmopolitan person.

Before joining AUE, Mr. Elchoucairi researched and taught at universities in Malta, and Catania (Italy) in Diplomacy, International Relations, and Political Sciences.

In UAE, dr Elchoucairi has a good experience in lecturing courses related to protocol, etiquette, and diplomacy to Arabic diplomatic staff members in the Arab League Headquarters in Sharjah. as well public relations for different institutions.

He wrote two books about conflict and peace-making theories .

(04) 449 9570


Block No. 6, 1st floor. Office No 11.


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