Dr. Wael Abdellatif Ragheb El Gendy

Assistant Professor, College of Law

Dr. Wael is an Assistant Professor at the College of Law, he holds a PhD in Criminal Law, from college of graduates studies in the Egyptian police academy, 2012. Previously, Dr. Wael was a Faculty member in Executive Education at The American University in Cairo, he worked there as an executive director of crises and disasters diploma and has supervised several Masters Students researches in the same university.

Dr. Wael worked as a lecturer in the College of Police, Police research center, Institute of Assistants Security and Gesr el Suez Institute, he taught “Empirical cases of crises and disasters”,” criminal investigation”, “Criminal Procedure Law”, “Lessons in operations CID and author of the scientific article”, and “Penal Law”. Dr. Wael was a member of the Board of Directors in The Egyptian Polo Federation and worked as a technical manager in Polo police squad.

Dr. Wael has several publications in “Criminal Procedures Law”, “Private detective’s offices”, “Sports Dangers” and “Penal Law”.


Block 7 / Third Floor 116


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