Dr. Paul Mears

Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor, College of Security and Global Studies

Dpaul_keith_mears_9b42e8bb5ffcba49f2f53d9b3b3c9b8cr. Paul Mears gained his P.h.D in Criminology, Criminal Justice/ Law Enforcement Administration from Rochelle University, Illinois, USA, and a bachelor’s and master’s in Criminology from Almeda University, Idaho, USA.

He is the Program Coordinator of the Bachelor of Arts in Security and Strategic Studies and an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Relations, Strategy and Security at the College of Media and Mass Communication.

Dr. Mears is a specialist in strategic emergency planning, search and rescue maritime planning, law enforcement and training and has significant experience in the Middle East

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Block No. 6, 1st floor. Room No. 1


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