Dr. Mohammad Alshboul

Assistant Professor, College of Computer Information Technology

mohammad_khaled_issa_alshboul_2c42f69318abecb165f51cd337c11b1dDr. Mohammad Alshboul is an Assistant Professor at the College of Computer Information Technology at the American University in the Emirates. He holds a P.h.D in Library and Information Science from the University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia.

Dr. Alshboul's thesis was entitled “Information needs and behavior of humanities scholars in an ICT-enriched environment in Jordan”, which is considered to be the first P.h.D study that employs the Persona method in Library and Information Science. He also developed the Humanities Scholars Information Behavior Model where the Persona & Proposed model can assist the library in providing the exact resources and services to various specific users.

Dr. Alshboul has published several papers in the high impact factor journal IS Core One. Furthermore, he participated in and presented several papers in high standard conferences. Before joining AUE, Dr. Alshboul worked for Nokia and in private and public libraries, in addition to his employment as a teaching assistant and research assistant.

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