Dr. Mohammad Al Shaikhly

Assistant Professor, College of Education

Dr. Mohammad Al Shaikhly has a Ph.D. in Arab Scientific & Ideological Heritage / Islamic Geographic History from the Arabian History and Scientific Heritage Institute for Higher Studies. He has taught in a number of Iraqi universities, worked as a scientific researcher at the Center for Culture and Heritage, been a member of the Secretariat General of Union of The Arab Historians, and participated in many scientific conferences in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. He has also participated in training courses and specialized workshops in the field of continuous assessment and active learning techniques. His 17 years of teaching and research work are accompanied by management experience, as a result of his work in the central committees of universities and in the media.

Dr. Al Shaikhly has extensive experience in the care of youth and talent development and in the preparation and organization of entertainment and celebrations of the central and scientific conferences.

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