Dr. Jamal Abdul Kareem Mosaber Alassaf

Assistant Professor, College of Law

Dr. Jamal Al-Assaf is an Assistant Professor at the College of Law at the American University in the Emirates. Dr. Jamal earned his PhD in Commercial Law and Banks’ Operations and Master’s degree in Legal protection of trade secrets, from Amman Arab University for Postgraduate Studies, Jordan, and Diploma of Judicial Studies from Jordanian Judicial Institute, Jordan.

Dr. Jamal published many papers in journal’s and Conferences publications, such as, digital drugs between fact and fiction, illegal competition and its impact on the national economy, methods of refugees' protection, Arbitration Agreement, Terms and conditions of the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

Dr. Jamal also has over 20 years extensive experience in specialized training programmes in commercial law to Jurists, lawyers and judges, where been practiced at the Jordanian Judicial Institute and other specialized training centers, In addition his extensive experience in the field of the judiciary, where he worked as a Vice-President of the First Instance Court in Amman- Jordan and judge of civil and commercial law and Implementation as well as criminal law industry and he is interested and activist and interested in the field of human rights, women's rights, juvenile’s rights, and refugee’s rights has participated in several conferences and workshops. Additionally, to participated in many legal committees at the Ministry Justice of Jordan in drafting and amending laws, such as Juvenile Law and Banks Law, and he has Membership Of many Scientific and Professional Societies such as Jordanian Bar Association, International Network for Rights and Development, Jordanian Society Entrepreneurship, Arab Center for Human Rights and International Peace, Women's Rights Protection Association, Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal profession and International Justice institution for judicial and Diplomatic Studies.


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