Dr. Francisco Javier Polanco

Assistant Professor / Program Coordinator for Digital Animation


Dr. Francisco Javier Polanco is a multimedia artist, holding a P.h.D in Fine Arts (Drawing Department, University of Granada, Spain), specializing in landscape art in the digital world.

His career, always related to visual creativity, has branched out in three professional fields along 25 years. In the field of animation, mostly 3D, for the past 10 years, he’s been making music videos for international artists  (Kanye West, Múm, Cult of Luna, etc.). He has also been awarded at several animation festivals (Locomotion, México; SICAF, Seoul; FILE, Sao Paulo). In the field of visual arts, he has exhibited at renowned contemporary art centers since 1993; in his country (MUSAC, Fundació Joan Miró, Casa Encendida, etc) and eventually at international art spaces (MIS, Sao Paulo, Vyner Studio, London). He is used to work with varied media, such as painting, photography, video and sculpture. In the field of teaching, Dr. Polanco has served as a civil servant professor (2003-2011) and department head at Arts departments at A level and other academic levels, as well as working as an architecture drawing trainer at various private institutions (1993-2001). He also worked as a drawing and illustration lecturer at Raffles College (2011-13, Bangladesh).


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Dr. Francisco Javier Longobardo Polanco

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